Sheffield Bench store launch party

On Thursday night, I was hired to photograph the launch of Bench‘s new flagship shop at Sheffield’s Meadowhall, and the subsequent VIP party.

Mani (Stone Roses/Primal Scream) and The Yell at Bench VIP party

I have to admit, my hopes weren’t that high. I mean, how exciting can a Meadowhall shop be? Well, how wrong could I be? The shop was amazing, and the evening even more so.

The shop itself was incredibly well designed, with different themed zones which reminded me a little of the sadly-missed Zoltar the Magnificent London store. The changing rooms were carriages on a London tube train, complete with video “windows” which showed passing stations and underground tunnels.

The party was mighty, unlimited free booze (some pretty nice stuff as well), Mani DJing some very dance-friendly tunes (and a lovely bloke he was too), Dynamo performing the most incredible magic tricks I have ever seen anywhere (his dexterity and his hip-hop street style were just too cool for words), and just a lovely, friendly bunch of people. I also got about half-a-dozen offers of future photography work out of the evening, which I’ll be following up.
As usual, I started off a bit limidly, taking lots of rather nervous, not-very-good pics at the store part of the event. And as usual, I loosened up through the course of the evening, and took my very best shots of the night just a few minutes before going home:

Jon (Little Man Tate) and Nicol (Radio Coma) at Bench VIP party


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