Christmas radio. And things.

Over the Christmas and New Yea period, I’ve been listening to a lot of Resonance FM via Windows Vista’s UK Radio Sidebar. Heard some wonderful shows, but it’s all been very perplexing. Being a bit of an email junky, I find myself drawn to my PC several times a day, and I usually end up sitting in front of it for far longer than I’d intended, and firing up the radio player to occupy me.

Over Christmas, Resonance have been filling entire days with multiple episode of a single programme. The odd thing is, whenever I switch on the radio player on any given day, nine times out of ten I arrive at exactly the same point of the same show, to within a few seconds, as I did when I last tuned in. The effect can be quite surreal. Last week I switched on the radio four times over the course of a day, and each time heard the phrase “our guest today is the writer Howard Jacobson”. At first it was quite charming, but the novelty is wearing off. Bizarre serendipity, software glitch, or the result of some hidden pattern within my email-collecting/radio listening habit? Perhaps I’ll never know.

Still on the subject of radio, please check out my Christmas family radio show (if you haven’t already): on Christmas day I dragged Gill, Rowan and Lola into the SheffieldLive! studio with me, made them choose some choons, the girls opened presents, Gill and I chatted away, and my extended family got in on the act via the SheffieldLive! chatroom. It was the most fun it’s possibly to have on Christmas morning without involving a team of reindeer, and you can “listen again” here.





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  1. 0742 Avatar

    And they put punks on postcards
    Sell them to the tourists
    Oh don’t they love the English
    So eccentric!

    Any they put cops on duty
    Smiling for the cameras
    They’re wearing funny hats ha
    Oh it’s so terrific

    They put the queen on stamps
    And tv every Christmas
    Look at all the waving flags
    Oh it’s so historic!

    Mother’s on the phone
    Says she’s coming home
    Someone threw a stone through a Cadillac window
    Mother’s on the phone
    Says she’s coming home
    Someone threw a stone through a Cadillac window
    Mother’s on the phone
    Says she’s coming home
    Cos someone threw a stone through a Cadillac window

    They put punks in jail and cops on overtime
    Keeping the dirt right under the carpet
    Trying to draw that we’re all eccentric

    There’s tourists in the sun and money in the pockets
    Painting ???
    The Union Jacks moves it’s so Patriotic! ha

    They’ll put your name on file
    Taps on your telephone
    Your picture on a postcard
    If you really think that’s fab
    They’ll make you the epitome of what the tourists love to see
    Buckets of conformity, ha nothing more than trash!

    And we are all on myspace filling empty space
    and thinking having friends is cool
    but we all know they’re just
    another fool
    with a desire to be a punk on a postcard
    but we now call them Media Celebs
    just another part of this mono-culture

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