Category: Clothing

  • Magma Beard

    Anyone who knows me knows my beards. Until my wedding day (on 1/2/3 – or 2/1/3 if you’re American) I went clean-shaven for most of my life. But on that happy day, I got best-man Ed to carve something new in my face, inspired by my new Paul Smith suit complete with thigh-length drape jacket. […]

  • Sheffield Bench store launch party

    On Thursday night, I was hired to photograph the launch of Bench‘s new flagship shop at Sheffield’s Meadowhall, and the subsequent VIP party. I have to admit, my hopes weren’t that high. I mean, how exciting can a Meadowhall shop be? Well, how wrong could I be? The shop was amazing, and the evening even […]

  • Katherine Mansfield, American Splendour and Hats

    I finally got around to reading some Katherine Mansfield, after reading glowing praise from M John Harrison and others, and spotting Harvey Pekar reading one of her books in a scene from American Splendour. I picked up a pleasingly 1950s-looking hardback “Collected Stories” from the book stall on the South Bank, under Waterloo Bridge. Last […]

  • NTK Viral Marketing T-Shirt

    Finally got my NTK Viral Marketing T-Shirt today! Yayyy! I am one happy bunny (with a cool T-Shirt). Thanks to Allan at Cybercandy for getting there in the end.