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  • My Life in Photography

    A while ago, Theo Simpson interviewed me about my photography, for a project he was doing. I just stumbled upon the interview, while cleaning up my hard disk, so here it is:

  • Dave’s birthday party

    After a Christmas and New Year period spent almost entirely at home (I needed to recharge my batteries after 6 months frantically commuting backwards and forwards to London), I thought I ought to have at least one night out in Sheffield before returning to the smoke. So glad I did. I went to Dave (Attwood […]

  • New photos – sort of

    Some of my more observant friends have noticed that I’ve hardly uploaded any photos in the last few months. My last set on Danshotme dates from early October, and I’ve only posted half-a-dozen or so pics to Flickr since then. I have been going through one of those “fallow periods” which will be familiar to […]

  • Sheffield Bench store launch party

    On Thursday night, I was hired to photograph the launch of Bench‘s new flagship shop at Sheffield’s Meadowhall, and the subsequent VIP party. I have to admit, my hopes weren’t that high. I mean, how exciting can a Meadowhall shop be? Well, how wrong could I be? The shop was amazing, and the evening even […]