My life has moved on. Most of this site hasn't. Still relevant are:

Life on Camera finds me with my family. In pictoral mode

A Photo Album

Life Less Literary finds me in verbose mode, rambling

A Weblog

Life at Work means pernoctation.


My job title fluctuates with the seasons. I am one half of markanddan, which at the moment means that most of my time is spent as Creative/Technical Director of Allsum. I'm also editor in chief of FAD magazine, Director of Bradonpace, a Wave Person, a foster carer for Foster Care Associates, and probably a few other things. In my glory years, I ran Hard Reality, one of the UK's first and most flamboyant web agencies.

I have a Myspace profile, a Flickr album and an Amazon wishlist. Should you be interested.

I like writing. Some of the stuff I write is in print.

Oh yeah, I also got married to Gill on 01-02-03 (02-01-03 if you're American), after ten years of togetherness.


Before I had a life, I had a home page. It's the only place you'll still find my awkward poetry. It's also worth visiting to see lots of old photos of me.

That was then. 1996.

The old days.

I had a new family, a new job, a new home, a new website, inspiration and enthusiasm.

This is now. 2001 2 3 4 5 6.

The new old days.

I have a growing family, another new job, another new home, another new website, perspiration and more enthusiasm.

I also had a temporary home page, just a placeholder, which seemed to last about 2 years. But you don't even wanna go there. Uninspiring doesn't even begin to describe it.


I still like to play music on my bass geetar.

First it was Caustic. SpacePunkPop for the 90s. And my first ever website (the original and still the best).

Then it was still Caustic. Except that we changed our name to Cathy Ray. And it's now the 00s.

Then it was Bone Turtle. No website. Maybe one day.

Now it's... well, we haven't got a name yet. I'll let you know.


Which just leaves the odds & sods.

If you're coming to visit us then you'll need some directions.

Lots of people still seem to prefer my Grizedale Trail to the real thing.

And this list of CDs was up to date when I put it online. Which means that it isn't now. Still generates some interesting search engine traffic though.

I also once kept a sketch book.

And if you're going to buy anything off Amazon UK, please do it via this link - it doesn't cost you any extra, but I get a very small commission. One day, perhaps even enough that they'll send me my cheque.


  Please talk  

There used to be a guest book here. Unfortunately, it got far too much spam and, being something which I wrote myself way back in the days when the Internet was friendly and spam-protection un-needed, there's no quick fix I can download to make it spam-proof. Instead, I offer you the now rather unfashionable option of emailing me - The reasons I can be so blasé about this are twofold: firstly, my email address is already in every single spam database going, so I've nothing to lose. Secondly, the anti-spam software that I use (SpamBayes, in case you're interested) is so damn good that email spam very rarely bothers me any more.

You can, however, still read what others have written in the guestbook over the last five years or so.

Or, if you visit Life Less Literary, you can still post comments on any individual entry (because, thankfully, that does feature spam-busting updates which I can download).

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