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  • Makers, Inventors, Designers and Engineers

    Makers, Inventors, Designers and Engineers

    In the panel session at yesterday’s Maker Assembly Sheffield there was a really interesting question from John Moseley. To paraphrase: “what happened to inventors?”

  • I don’t do Voicemail

    I don’t do Voicemail

    I have never liked voicemail. I’m not keen on phones in general (there is a great Medium post, Why I don’t answer most phone calls, which explains why the telephone is my least-preferred means of communication). But voicemail, ick. Unlike phone calls, voicemail has no redeeming features. Here are the reasons why voicemail is evil […]

  • Your Detox-debunking article is Bullshit

    It’s that time of year when a lot of folks’ thoughts turn to detoxing. It’s also the time when a lot of other folks’ thoughts turn to rubbishing the whole idea of detoxing. Some-time scientist, logical positivist, gleeful-debunker and proud skeptic though I am, I’m firmly on the side of the detoxers on this one.

  • Fat

    Following on from my posts about mindfulness and willpower, I promised I would write something about diet. Specifically about how I have managed to go from being a bit of a fat bastard, to a svelte hunk. Well, I started writing that blog post, and it got longer and longer, and people started asking me […]

  • Mindfulness

    A while ago, I posted a brief suggestion on how to be happier. Although I haven’t stuck religiously to my own advice (of finding some positives in each day), and there have been one or two times when my mood has dipped, life on the whole continues on an upwards trajectory. Particularly since Christmas I’ve […]

  • Instagram

    I… nah, fuck it. Life’s too short.

  • Trash

    In 1996, I was responsible for the “kiosk” in Diesel’s Covent Garden flagship store (a Mac running the Diesel website). I had to go into the store once a month to “fix” it. On the website were two video ads and a handful of audio files. Netscape (1.2, I think) treated these links as “downloads” […]

  • Sue Schofield

    To celebrate Ada Lovelace day, and the importance of women in technology, I’d like to introduce you to Sue Schofield. Sue is a journalist and author who was writing about hooking computers up to telephone lines when I was still in short trousers. You could, perhaps, call her the mother of the UK Internet (in […]

  • Link-poetry

    I love that whenever I write London on this blog, SEO Smart Links auto-links it to one of my favourite little blog posts. London.

  • social networking

    For almost 18 months now, I’ve been meaning to blog about my “current situation” (admittedly a moving target over that period). But my blogging has gone stale: I only wrote 8 posts in 2008 – in the distant past there have been single days when I’ve almost managed this many (the period leading up to […]