Category: Dreams

  • A Night in The Cummings Hotel

    I know that very few people are interested in other people’s dreams – I’m rarely that bothered about them myself – but the other night I had the most intense and clear dream I’ve had in years, and so I’m sticking it up here mainly for my own records… We were staying in a hotel: […]

  • Skelter Helter – A Sunday-Morning Dream

    On a visit to a Belgium of the mind, where I am visiting GuyE2, the famous explorer recently returned from the far east and still dressed in a grubby white linen suit similar to that which was so improbably worn by Klaus Kinski in Fitzcarraldo. Unaccountably and uncharacteristically, GuyE2 is a constant mass of energy. […]

  • I Don’t Gamble in my Dreams

    I was in an awkward situation at the Foundry. Posthumous-lookalike and his friends had struck up a game of poker. I knew I could beat them all, beginner’s ultra-luck, but they were playing for stakes and my conscience wouldn’t allow me to join in. Even when they lowered it to a penny a piece: some […]

  • Dreaming is Free

    Whabburba… wasaat? Gordon selling all his possessions, a high-class house-sale with his friends from a different world, his fancy projector going for £8,999,000 more than it’s worth, Gordon in the DJ booth, I’m talking him out of foolish indiscretions while making my own. Gill isn’t happy, but for no good reason. It’s a long night […]

  • Accounting for Myself

    Strange but ultimately rewarding dream: I was walking through an unfamiliar City of London; for some unknown reason I’d been summonsed to a city bank. Finally tracked down their towerblock, took the swift, silent lift up to some unimaginably high floor then ascended a perilous staircase, one side open to the bottomless void, even higher […]

  • Purple Dragonfly

    Some very vivid dreams this morning. Of course, I’ve forgotten a lot of it over the last couple of hours… open up the leisure centre, get everything ready in the café for when the customers arrive… have to kill my dad, very sad really but necessary… go swimming with the kids… etc etc. What I […]

  • Dreams of Wealth and Bungalows

    I dreamed that… We’d spent vast quantities of money. To everyone else, it seemed profligate. They didn’t realise it was in invesment. It would pay off. We were on to a sure fire thing. Nobody realised. Even Ewan, the epitome of reasonability, started appearing, menacing, on street corners; a shotgun carried with a casual air […]

  • Travel Arrangements by M John Harrison

    Started dipping into Travel Arrangements by M John Harrison again yesterday. SO glad I did. The first time I read it, straight after Mike gave me a copy some 12 months ago, I enjoyed snatches of it but found it hard going, couldn’t quite find any hand-holds, kept drifting off… My mind just wasn’t in […]

  • Direct Marketing, Kiwi Juice and Office Gossip

    Another weird dream (real-world tie-ins in the footnotes). I?ve lost most of it in the intervening couple of hours, but it seemed to centre around a meeting with Steve B of LeoNCo (sorry, can?t give complete names here because search engines have a nasty habit of spidering my pages and giving them undue prominence in […]

  • I Need a Tekken-Style Combat Thing

    This morning’s dream – I wanted a computer game, needed a computer game. I think it was some Tekken-style combat thing. I sent Hannah to buy it, but told her to get something as close as possible if they didn’t have the exact one – for some reason I just had to play something new. […]