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  • What is the “Refugee Crisis”? And why should you care?

    What is the “Refugee Crisis”? And why should you care?

    AKA: why are there suddenly refugees everywhere, and when are they going to go away? (Hint: never) This is a summary of the notes I took on the first day of the “Hacking the Refugee Crisis” expedition in Athens. More on that in a bit, but first… Crisis, What Crisis? Today, globally, there are […]

  • Wawa river, Bacoor, Phillippines

    When it relaunched in its new Berliner format, the Guardian added a wonderful new feature, Eyewitness, which occupies the centre pages of most editions of the paper and fills the entire double-page spread with a single photograph. Some wonderful pictures have appeared in this slot, and they really benefit from the huge size (approximately the […]

  • Talking Trough Lollies

    I saw this in the latest edition of Private Eye: I’d love to get my hands on some of these things and “modify” the script. Imagine the fun you could have leaving them in random bar toilets…

  • Gail Orenstein – deleted

    Flickr have, without warning, deleted the account of Gail Orenstein, one of the few genuinely interesting and unique individuals I have had the pleasure to bump into on there (oh yeah, and also the only person to have written me a Flickr testimony). For those unfamiliar with Gail, she is a working photojournalist, who has […]

  • Congressional aide admits trying to hire hackers

    This is hilarious, even more so when you realise who this guy was.

  • Black-out London (and beyond…)

    4th November 2006 You are invited to take part in the largest demonstration of People Power that London has ever seen on Saturday 4th November 2006, by turning off all your lights, and switching off all your non-essential electrical equipment.

  • Kash Gabriele Torsello

    A very strange day yesterday. I spent it at the Frieze art fair in London. The whole place stank of money, but I had a pleasant time. But then, the minute I was leaving after 5 hours of art overload, I got a phone call from a foreign number. It was from Associated Press in […]

  • That Newsweek Afghanistan/Liebowitz Thing

    It seems as if it’s been hard to move on the web this last week without stumbling on somebody (rightly) mouthing off about the latest issue of Newsweek, which has as its cover story “Losing Afghanistan” across the whole world, except in the USA where there is some fluff on Annie Liebowitz’s family with the […]

  • Patch Adams and Kennth Kaunda

    Sorry, it’s “let’s quote the Guardian day” today… good thing I don’t get to lie here doing this more often, or this page would be nothing more than a string of Guardian quotes. Anyway, I couldn’t pass up this one from the ever-witty Simon Hoggart: Extraordinary people come here. Kenneth Kaunda, the former president of […]

  • The Love Triangle behind Britpop

    Fascinating piece in the Guardian about the love-triangle behind Britpop. This line, from the second page, brought tears to my eyes, it rung so true, I find myself constantly having dreams like this about long-lost friends: With Albarn once again absent, she decided to re-establish contact with someone whose company she had not shared for […]