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  • Thinking Digital Newcastle, 2016

    Thinking Digital Newcastle, 2016

    Last year, I remember talking to Chris Dymond and Saul Cozens just after they returned from Thinking Digital conference in Newcastle/Gateshead. They raved about how good it was. So did others I’d seen mention it online. I decided to go the following year and, as the 2016 tickets were already on sale, I booked one […]

  • Vibrant Sheffield

    Vibrant Sheffield

    I recently attended Grant Thornton’s Sheffield “Vibrant Economy” Live Lab at the Millennium Galleries. This day-long workshop was intended to “bring together key leaders and influencers … to co-create a visionary identity for Sheffield and the wider city region”, posing the question “How can Sheffield become the innovation and creativity capital of Europe?” It’s easy […]

  • Airbnb holiday apartment rental in Sheffield

    We now have a lovely, newly decorated hip, modern studio-flat, attached to our house, which is listed as a rental apartment on Airbnb. If you’re interested in visiting Sheffield, and you find the listing via my blog, then you can have a 15% discount on your stay: just send me an enquiry on Airbnb via […]

  • Willpower

    Following on from the recent post on mindfulness, here’s another in my “self-help guru” (obviously I’m not) series. This time, I’m writing about willpower, based on the book Willpower: Rediscovering Our Greatest Strength (by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney) which I recently finished reading. I have some reservations about the book (see my Amazon […]

  • Mindfulness

    A while ago, I posted a brief suggestion on how to be happier. Although I haven’t stuck religiously to my own advice (of finding some positives in each day), and there have been one or two times when my mood has dipped, life on the whole continues on an upwards trajectory. Particularly since Christmas I’ve […]

  • Happier

    Last year, I read the book 59 Seconds, by Professor Richard Wiseman. It’s wonderful – ostensibly the first “self-help” book underpinned by science. It’s packed full of tips on all sorts of topics – improving your self-confidence sorting out your love life, reducing stress, getting things done… in fact, it’s so full of handy hints […]

  • Extending rechargeable battery life

    This article goes against everything I had previously heard about (Li-ion) rechargable batteries. Now I understand why the batteries in my laptops and mobile phones rarely seem to last more than a few months before they’re down to about 50% effectiveness. Note to self: recharge more!