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  • A Year in England’s Last Wilderness

    A Year in England’s Last Wilderness

    It’s been a year since I posted my last update, and we’ve been in our new home for 16 months, so I thought it time to let you know what we’ve been up to in our off-grid life. By the way that’s Molly in the photo (and our house in the background). When I posted […]

  • 2021 and Peakrill Press

    2021 and Peakrill Press

    2021 was a landmark year for us. After starting and ending a new job in Sheffield’s Moor Market at the end of 2020, I spent the year unemployed; the strangeness of COVID-19 bored on; and in June, we sold our house and left Sheffield, after 23 very happy years living there. We did not have […]

  • Nice Weather for Fish

    In the last year, thanks to lockdown, I have started playing Dungeons and Dragons again, for the first time in over 30 years. Now, I have also written and published my first role-playing adventure, for D&D or any OSR-type game. Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy Nice Weather for Fish. Many thanks to Martin F Bedford […]

  • Makers, Inventors, Designers and Engineers

    Makers, Inventors, Designers and Engineers

    In the panel session at yesterday’s Maker Assembly Sheffield there was a really interesting question from John Moseley. To paraphrase: “what happened to inventors?”

  • I’m Back

    When I started this blog, back in February 2001, its title meant something: Life – because it was a journal of mine – and Less Literary – because I didn’t want anything on it to be over-thought, over-worked. This was a very deliberate strategy, prompted by the fact that I’d spent the last couple of […]

  • I’m Qyper of the week!

    A while ago, I signed up to review site Qype, but it was only last week that I really started using it. So it was a really nice surprise when today I got their weekly email newsletter (which, I have to admit, I normally kinda ignore) and saw that I’d been made Qyper of the […]

  • social networking

    For almost 18 months now, I’ve been meaning to blog about my “current situation” (admittedly a moving target over that period). But my blogging has gone stale: I only wrote 8 posts in 2008 – in the distant past there have been single days when I’ve almost managed this many (the period leading up to […]

  • Ones to Watch – Baby Long Legs

    Published in this month’s Sandman Magazine: For some thirty years now, the phrase “prog rock” has been a dirty term, uttered only in whispers or among clandestine groups. And while the sombre musical odysseys of Yes are still beyond the pale for most sane-thinking people, increasing cross-pollination of musical genres means that elements of prog […]

  • Definition of the word “Luftmensch”

    Jeez, I just posted that Merriam Webster entry while reading through my email, and then I open up the next day’s (today’s) word – even more fascinating, useful and, err, relevant to my current situation: The Word of the Day for Jul 27 is: luftmensch \LOOFT-mensh (“OO” as in “foot”)\ noun: an impractical contemplative person […]