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  • A Year in England’s Last Wilderness

    A Year in England’s Last Wilderness

    It’s been a year since I posted my last update, and we’ve been in our new home for 16 months, so I thought it time to let you know what we’ve been up to in our off-grid life. By the way that’s Molly in the photo (and our house in the background). When I posted […]

  • 2021 and Peakrill Press

    2021 and Peakrill Press

    2021 was a landmark year for us. After starting and ending a new job in Sheffield’s Moor Market at the end of 2020, I spent the year unemployed; the strangeness of COVID-19 bored on; and in June, we sold our house and left Sheffield, after 23 very happy years living there. We did not have […]

  • TDD: When Not To Unit Test

    Often when I speak to development teams about their technical debt, one of the issues they highlight is lack of unit test coverage. “We only have 30% coverage, so we’re hoping to set aside some time next sprint to get more tests in place. Our latest work all has 100% coverage, but there’s a lot […]

  • 2008: Work

    Like I said, I’ve been meaning to post a summary of my last 18 months. Perhaps easier if I split it into two: work, and personal. So, work: I started freelancing in the middle of 2007, and I’ve done a whole bunch of interesting jobs since then (see my CV for full details).

  • Sheffield Bench store launch party

    On Thursday night, I was hired to photograph the launch of Bench‘s new flagship shop at Sheffield’s Meadowhall, and the subsequent VIP party. I have to admit, my hopes weren’t that high. I mean, how exciting can a Meadowhall shop be? Well, how wrong could I be? The shop was amazing, and the evening even […]

  • Web 2.0

    A new blog I am writing for, Mark and Dan’s Web 2.0 for creative strategies.

  • So Safe

    Well, we finally launched the So Safe website – it officially goes live at a presentation tomorrow morning, at which I have to speak following a 5am train journey down from Sheffield (was going to travel tonight but… been busy trying to make things work). I’m still not very happy with the site, especially the […]

  • Westall Brothers

    I added some more pictures and pages to the website on the artists Richard and William Westall, which I’ve been building for Mark’s dad. It’s a very basic hevily textual site, but I’m quite fond of its simplicity – it’s nice to have a project where I’m not taxed with coming up with all manners […]

  • More Published Writing now Online

    I finally put some more of my written work online – in print has 5 new articles in it, 2 Brand Republic book reviews and 3 pieces for FAD, the new magazine on Fashion, Art and Design which Mark & I are putting together with our chums! I would greatly appreciate any comments and constructive […]

  • Direct Marketing, Kiwi Juice and Office Gossip

    Another weird dream (real-world tie-ins in the footnotes). I?ve lost most of it in the intervening couple of hours, but it seemed to centre around a meeting with Steve B of LeoNCo (sorry, can?t give complete names here because search engines have a nasty habit of spidering my pages and giving them undue prominence in […]