Arthur the Wookie- Guitar, Vocals, Songs
Dave Skywalker- Guitar
Dan Solo- Bass, Backing Vocals
Obi John Kenobi- Drums

With their loud guitars, spacepop stance and general slovenly attitude, Caustic represent a positive boon to any potential gig situation. Without any doubt, they play with vigour and aplomb, live and in the studio. Note the casual indifference to the 'norms' of everyday song manufacture! Warming to the heart of even the most jaded music consumer.

"a destined for the stars band, screaming girlies, the lot"
            Cream of the Crop

"a noisier version of Blur before they went noisy"

"we played it lots"
"they know about big ugly sharks"

            The Organ

"'One day soon Caustic are (sic) record a killer song' Organ Fanzine wrote when they reviewed their previous demo. Well Mister Sean, those four guys did it (will you give them a record deal now)."

"The powerful effect the music from Caustic has isn't a fantasy. This is for real...they will enter your brain their fuzzy guitarsound will knock you into a coma...but you won't need a doctor cos the melodies will heal the wounds... "
            Didier Becu, The Original Sin (Belgium)

"It's not actually that bad"
            Melody Maker (yeah, cheers Holly, I guess your magazine's kinda OK too)

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