Caustic/Cathy Ray are no longer together. However... we're still on the web, and still contactable.
To get in touch, visit Caustic / Cathy Ray's Myspace page.
Please send love/hate-mail to:
Caustic, Flat A, No. 1 Rosslyn Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 2AR, U.K.

If you want a copy of any of the tapes/CDs mentioned here, please post something of great monetary/sentimental value to the above address. Be original, and if you can't be original, send £2.50 for tapes, £4.00 for CDs, or a decent record/tape/CD.

Sorry if you object to the exacting hardware/software requirements for viewing these pages. However, I spent a lot of time making them look good, and I want to make sure that you see them as intended. If you don't like it, you can go to one of the x-million other sites available.

Finally, for those who have got this far, I hope you won't mind me indulging myself a little and including links to a couple of the very few web-sites which I have found worthwhile.

  • Firstly, David Siegel's pages are the best in existence. Study them thoroughly before you even think about putting anything on the web.
  • Secondly, UWI Web's Edge has the best list of weird and wonderful avant-punk-post-modern-type art, music and lifestyle resources. Check out their comprehensive Hot & Cool List.
  • Great Thinkers and Visionaries on the Net is a brilliant way of excersising your brain cells. Try it - you might learn something
  • Finally, this page wouldn't be complete without a plug for my own personal pages - come and find out why I turned out like I did!


Dan Sumption

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