Xmas Special
Our next gig is:

18th December 1999
The Half Moon
93 Lower Richmond Road
SW15 1EU
(nearest tube, Putney Bridge)

Price & stuff to be confirmed.

Should be good if it's anything like last year's Christmas gig:

Our last Chrtistmas Party!!!

As we're crap at keeping this page up-to-date, you may also want to check with some of the venues we frequent and keep an eye out for our name:

Contact us asking to be put on the mailing list, and we'll send you some flyers and maybe even some other wacky stuff (if you're very lucky). Some more London gigs coming soon... maybe Liverpool too, eventually!

The flyers from a recent gig still seem to be hanging around...

If you'd like to be notified of future gigs by e-mail, send a request to If you want to be informed by more conventional means, see the Contact page.

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