Less Literary?

When I started this blog, back in February 2001, its title meant something: Life because it was my journal, and Less Literary because I didn’t want anything on it to be over-thought, over-worked.

This was a very deliberate strategy: for the previous couple of years I kept intending to do more writing, to put more online, but I was stymied by my own perfectionism. I kept starting things and… not ready; not ready; not ready. So I decided to lay out my manifesto: this is meant to be less literary: quickly written, in order to get something out there.

Over the years, that’s changed, I got to the point where I was proofreading and editing and re-editing and postponing posts because they didn’t feel quite right. But as of now (late 2015), I’ve decided to return to the original ethos. This is a place for my writing, unpolished (mostly). Because it’s more important to me to get it out there than it is to get it perfect.