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  • What is the “Refugee Crisis”? And why should you care?

    What is the “Refugee Crisis”? And why should you care?

    AKA: why are there suddenly refugees everywhere, and when are they going to go away? (Hint: never) This is a summary of the notes I took on the first day of the effect.org “Hacking the Refugee Crisis” expedition in Athens. More on that in a bit, but first… Crisis, What Crisis? Today, globally, there are […]

  • Just Giving

    No doubt you’ve noticed me spamming you these last few days with links to my charity fundraising page. This will be the last time, please read it… If you’re anything like me, you may well be thinking “yeah, yeah, doing something that you enjoy & would probably have done anyway, then claiming some noble cause […]

  • Valentine’s Slave Auction

    Last night we hosted hard reality and Leonardo’s Valentine’s party. I was auctioneer – we “sold” off a bunch of slaves – raised an amazing £1193 for chariteeee (British Red Cross) through the sale of 11 people. I, perhaps rather rashly, bid, and now have to pay, £210 for Fern and Jess (who came complete […]