Dan and Gill's wedding - pictures from Dan's camera

Although these pictures all came from my camera, I've no idea who took most of them. The camera passed through many hands during the day, and everyone took a share in capturing the moment. I'm just grateful that I managed to find it again by the end of the evening (although I've yet to track down the battery charger)

Arrival of the Bride Dan Registrar Gill and Dan Dan, Gill and congregation
Registrar Parents Gill and Dan The Kiss Witnesses
Gill Dan and Gill Bridal party Bridesmaids Preparing for photos
The bride's family #1 The bride's family #2 Mark Greta and Lester Photographers
All aboard the train Dan and Terry Erin Jessie Hope the Hare, with Amber, Rowan and Beth
Dinner time - Emma, Mark and Hannah Mark and Hannah Hannah and John Dan pouring wine for Mark Adrian and Karin
Terry Emma and Gill Dan Mark Gill and Dan
Anaïs Greta and Gill Pippa and Hannah Hannah and Jon Lily
Mark and Ed Emma, Deanna and Jenny The last of the Jack Daniel's and coke Ed and Anaïs, plus Polly Disco time #1
Disco time #2 Karen and Sarah
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