Ye Olde Recipes    

For to make Oystryn in Bruet. They schul be schallyd and ysod in clene water. Grynd peper, safron bred and ale and temper it wyth Broth do the Oystryn ther'ynne and boyle it and salt it and sue it forth.

For to boyle Fesant, Partyches Capons and Curlewes. Take gode broth and do thto the Fowle. and do thto hool peper and flo of canel a gode qntite and lat hem feeth thwith. and messe it forth. and th cast thon Podo dowce.

Blank Mang. Take Capons and feeth hem, thenne take hem up. Take Almand blanched. grynd he and alay he up with the same broth. cast the mylk in a pot. waisshe rys and do thto and lat it feeth. thanne take brawn of Capons teere it small and do thto. take white grece sug and salt and cast thinne. lat it theepe. thenne messe it forth and florissh it with aneys in confyt rede oth whyt and with Almand fryed in oyle. and sue it forth.

© Dan Sumption, March 2003 & The Master Cooks of King Richard III, 1390

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